Water temps. are bouncing around 80 and the lake is very clear on the south end and stained on the north. Has dropped a couple inches nothing major. The best thing I have seen the last few days we got that algae bloom I was talking about on the last report. I have seen the north end covered in a green slime. The bait fish are all over the surface feeding on it so that has got the white bass fired up.

I have been fishing edges of flats with wind pushing white bass up out of the deep water in the ten foot range. If you go out off the ledge the whites are suspended out there. I could get the spinner rigs back out but we are doing fine with our slip bobbers and minnows. We have been getting about 50 or so mixed in with crappie, channel catfish, yellow bass and even a few walleye. Going through 12-15 dozen minnows a day so lots of action.

The crappie are on stumps all over the lake in that ten-foot range. Brush seams to have a lot of small fish as do the cubes. That will change once we get a thermocline. Then it will be thick brush, lay down trees and some cubes. The key is the thermocline will be about 15-17ft. deep so the top of any of this structure needs to be in this depth. Bottom depth can be thirty-feet probably even better as this is probably on the river channel.

We still use our slip bobber rigs as I believe you need to stay away from your fish and the horizontal drift of the bait going across the structure is key. So don’t complain about the boat traffic they are adding motion to our slip bobber.

We are just starting our best summer bite as last part of July and August, September are great thermocline crappie/white bass combo trips. Just go to my availability list for openings.

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