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Lake Shelbyville Fishing Report

Fishing Report November 15-30, 2021

The lake rose to almost 8ft. over summer pool and now is dropping back. Fish went shallow and now are returning to deep water and bunching up. My favorite time of the year. This is why I was so determined on setting up my boat for three anglers to set on the nose. We hover over deep brush and tight line a jig right down in them. Depths of 18-26ft.deep or even deeper buried on the bottom in thick brush just like Kentucky Lake. I have plenty of practice fishing this way. You can't hover with precise control it's a [...]

By |September 19, 2021|

Fishing Report September 1-15, 2021

Lake level is slightly below 605 or about five feet above summer pool. Water temps have cooled a little down to 79-80. Clarity is fine all over the lake. The Corp is pulling pretty hard some days then not the next St.Louis tells them what to do but eventually we will be back to summer pool. I imagine the amount they are pulling is affecting the trollers out on the main lake but I haven't been trolling at all this summer. I have Livescope and I am using it to my advantage every day. Here is what I am doing. [...]

By |August 2, 2021|

Fishing Report July 15 – 31, 2021

Best Bet - CRAPPIE Another week goes by and we get another foot of water. The lake is at 609. Normal summer pool is 599.95. This has changed things from last week. The thermocline that was starting to show on the north end is gone but the south end has one at 20ft. I am still using a simple slip bobber and minnow and my Livescope to find fish on Laydowns, Shelbyville Cubes, Stumps, and Standing timber. Fishing anywhere from 15-18ft. down on the slip bobber. Water depth doesn't matter just depth of the wood. Still casting my hair jigs [...]

By |July 18, 2021|

Fishing Report: July 1 – 15, 2021

Best Best ---- CRAPPIE are on FIRE!!! The lake rose to eight feet over summer pool last week with all the rain. Did not hurt a thing actually helped me. The north end had went a little stale so I was making that long journey down to the south end then putting fifty bucks in the fuel tank on every trip. Now I am fishing from the Coalshaft bridge over to the RR bridge down to the Eagle boat ramp. Using Shelbyville Cubes, standing timber ,laydown timber and of course brush. They must top out around 16-20ft. but on standing [...]

By |July 7, 2021|

Fishing Report: June 15 – 30, 2021

The lake is holding about a foot above summer pool and if we get the rain they are calling for June 24-30th. They are calling for as much as five inches. The lake will go up a couple foot or more. The south end will remain clear though. Water temps are in the low eighties and clarity is about three-feet so very clear. The crappie are already set up on their summer patterns and recovering from their spawn quite nicely. We are using the Livescope to search out huge schools of crappie then pull off to the side and drift [...]

By |June 23, 2021|


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