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Lake Shelbyville Fishing Report

Fishing Report August 1-15

THE CRAPPIE FISHING IS ON FIRE!!!! The lake is a hair below summer pool and gin clear. I am starting to see signs of a thermocline building. Just what I want to put the crappie at that 15-17ft. range. We are going through about 15-18 dozen minnows a day so lots of action. I am catching fish on my white hair jigs as well. It is fun to see all the fish chase it on my Livescope. I have my customers use a slip bobber and minnow set up. Since they can't watch the Livescope from their seats like I [...]

By |August 1, 2022|

Fishing Report July 15-31

Due to recent rains the lake has come up a foot and is falling back towards summer pool. This puts some current in the lake and scatters the fish somewhat. We are only crappie fishing at this time and numbers of fish are not a problem. This time of the year I take out a lot of kids and their parents so if action if what you are looking for look no further. We use a simple approach a slip bobber and minnow rig and move a bunch. Down trees, brush piles, standing timber. All must be on points, leading [...]

By |July 14, 2022|

Fishing Report July 1-15

Water temps are in the low 80's and clarity is about a foot to eighteen inches. The lake is right at normal summer pool. We have transitioned to what we do every summer and that is chase hungry crappie with a slip bobber and minnow rig. If it is too windy we tightline minnows on a drop-shot rig. Pretty simple everyone of all ages can do this and boy do we catch a ton of fish. I have three bait tanks all on air to keep the minnows lively and we go through at least ten to fifteen dozen a [...]

By |June 26, 2022|

Fishing Report June 1-15

The lake is in great shape water color wise and at normal pool. Water temps are running 74-78. The crappie spawn is done but males are still guarding some nests. I am fishing mainly stumps near deep water. Right after the spawn they tend to move to stumps as they work their way back to deep summer spots. Livescope is really a god send right now. I am pendulum tossing a 1/8oz. casting sinker on ten pound braid then a fifteen inch fluorocarbon leader and a small 1/32oz. white hair jig. Swimming it is key they tend to stare at [...]

By |June 4, 2022|

Fishing Report May 15-31

Water temps jumped from 59 to 77 last week so like I predicted the crappie spawn will wrap up quickly. Males will be on nests for another week or so but we have switched gears and are walleye/crappie fishing. The lake remains a foot low and water color is very clear. My shallow crappie spots are thinning but we can still get some so I have been splitting the day. For the crappie I am using a 1/8oz. trolling sinker tied on 12lb. braid. Then a fifteen in. 15lb.fluorocarbon leader and a 1/32oz. white and tensile hair jig. Used it [...]

By |May 15, 2022|


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