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Lake Shelbyville Fishing Report

Fishing Report May 15-31

The lake has risen over two-feet in the last several days and water temps. have spiked to 70-75 depending on where you are. For me that spells walleye time. My strictly crappie trips will resume in July. We are casting for the most part a 1/4oz. Deep Ledge Jig and a 3-inch Powerbait Ribbontail Firetiger twistertail. Staying back off very shallow stumps in 2-4ft. and crawling this jig as slow as you can go keeping it on bottom. We are doing this early in the morning then switching over to pulling bottom bouncers and spinner rigs tipped with a minnow [...]

By |May 14, 2023|

Fishing Report May 1-15

Water temps are bouncing around with the weather. High as 64 low as 56. The lake level is 596.3 and still dropping. They won't change the rule curve for a few more weeks. So the lake is about four-foot low. Be extremely careful south of the RR bridge, The buoyed off island east of the Coalshaft bridge, Point six and Point five. Give all flats a wide berth. Crappie are pulling up and backing off but a lot of the spawn is done or in the works. Females with bulged up bellies I have not seen as of late so [...]

By |April 30, 2023|

Fishing Report April 15-30

The lake level is 596.81 and they are still allowing fall for a few more weeks. They like to stay at 596 until mid May then allow it to come up to summer pool at 599.97. Water temps have been all over the place. as of today April 20th they were 59 on the north end. They have been as high as 65 and the crappie spawn was in full bore but just like every April the temps bounce all over the place. At about 58 the males will get up on nests and around 62 the females will show [...]

By |April 20, 2023|

Fishing Report April 1-15, 2023

The current lake levels are 598.5 or roughly 2 1/2ft. above winter pool so expect them to pull water as soon as they can. Currently the Mississippi is high so they will hold it for a spell. Water temps are bouncing from 48-51. The first week of April the weather is about like last week but just a bit warmer. 40's at night 60's during the day. The crappie are suspended all over the lake so we are jumping around a lot looking for any in brush and more importantly looking for the correct water color. The best thing about [...]

By |March 31, 2023|

Fishing Report November 1-15

The lake is about a foot and a half low and water color very clear. Water temps are bouncing around from 51-53. Not much has changed since last report the fish are not bunched up and you need to move often picking up a few here and there and going through a lot of smaller crappie. They are shallow 6-10ft. which makes it fun and we are catching at least 75 a day to get a nice three man limit of 45. I am fishing all over the north end from Bo-Woods over to Wilborn on mostly wood. Cubes have [...]

By |October 30, 2022|


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