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Lake Shelbyville Fishing Report

Fishing Report July 15-31

The lake has risen about 18in. with the recent rains to 601.14 feet above sea level. Normal pool is 599.7 The water temps jumped from 77 to 85 and were starting to get a nice thermocline but was broken up by the incoming water and current. We should have one very soon though. The lake remains very clear. North end some stain, south end gin clear. The water temps are going to fall after these next few days back to the 77-80 range. It has been extremely hot. Cooling off after today the 15th. Crappie.... Not a lot has changed [...]

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Amended Fishing Report July 1-15

Things have changed somewhat so I thought a revised fishing report was due. My readers really appreciate the reports. The lake level is back to summer pool and the water temps fell somewhat from 82 down to 77 on the north end. We were going through a bad algae bloom making it impossible to use your forward facing sonar and the fishing slowed way down for the bigger fish at least. With the rains and wind this has broken up the algae bloom. The bait is everywhere on the surface. I was out yesterday and couldn't believe how much I [...]

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Fishing Report July 1-15

The lake level is 600.10. Normal summer pool is 599.7 so about three -inches. Water temps have really shot up from low seventies to now around 82 with all the heat. This has started a huge algae bloom. For those of you running Livescope and having problems this is most likely the culprit. The water is very dense with the green algae. Eventually this will be a good thing. I will explain. About mid July we will get a thermocline and this algae will grow and become heavy and will sink down to the thermocline. Which will hold it there [...]

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Fishing Report June 15-30

Lake Level is 601.22 and falling. Normal summer pool is 599.7 about two inches a day. Water temps are around 71 and visibility is very good about 6in. easily. Walleye have gotten so hit and miss I put my spinner rigs away and switched back to crappie. We would get three or four then go two days with nothing. Then the white bass disappeared that we were catching while pulling spinners. The lake constantly rising and falling this spring had to have a lot to do with this. All my buddies who both guide and fish for them are way [...]

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Fishing Report June 1-15

The lake level is 600.7. Normal summer pool is 599.7. Falling slowly. Water temps are running 70-73. Slightly stained with the recent rains. Walleye has been hit or miss with me for nearly a month. Seams I need proper wind direction to set them up. I am still pulling my spinner rigs and catching a few each day. Starting to see more walleye now mixed in with the sauger. For the most part I have been catching sauger due to the deeper depths I have been fishing. 14-16ft. With the lake falling I think more walleye will drop back from [...]

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