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Lake Shelbyville Fishing Report

Fishing Report September 1-15

Lake Level is 599.62. Normal summer pool is 599.7 so almost normal. Water temps are running around 77 and lake is gin clear due to very little rain fall. I have given the crappie a small break and been concentrating on white bass. I can still catch plenty of crappie but the white bass love the heat and bunch up on points and early in the morning actually bust the surface. I love chasing them since wind directions move them and you must figure out the puzzle every day. Once found you can catch a hundred from an anchored position. [...]

By |August 31, 2023|

Fishing Report August 15-31

The lake level is still at summer pool or very near it. 599.81 and the water temps are running around 75. The lake is very clear from one end to the other. The bait has started to migrate into coves with a small feeder creek like Wolfe, Sand, Oppossum. Usually see this in September but everything seams to be ahead of schedule. This has moved a lot of the crappie and since they are gorging on bait optimal times to hit them are daylight and dark. After that they bury down to the bottom since they are in such shallow [...]

By |August 14, 2023|

Fishing Report August 1-15

The lake level is 599.82 or right at summer pool. Water temps have bounced up to 85 earlier this past week with the heat and now dropped back to 80. This has put the crappie in summer locations which mean channel banks, points on main lake and mouths of coves. All on timber weather it is lying down or vertical. I am starting to see a thermocline on my Livescope at about 18-20ft. This will put the crappie in very predictable areas. I am using a slip bobber and minnow and my Livescope tells me what depth the crappie are [...]

By |July 30, 2023|

Fishing Report July 15-31

Water temps. are bouncing around 80 and the lake is very clear on the south end and stained on the north. Has dropped a couple inches nothing major. The best thing I have seen the last few days we got that algae bloom I was talking about on the last report. I have seen the north end covered in a green slime. The bait fish are all over the surface feeding on it so that has got the white bass fired up. I have been fishing edges of flats with wind pushing white bass up out of the deep water [...]

By |July 14, 2023|

Fishing Report July 1-15

Water temps are around 76 and gin clear. Lake Level is at summer pool. I have been just crappie fishing for a week now and catching close to a hundred a day. It takes that many due to the small fish being so numerous. We have still been able to get three and even four limits each day by moving around a bunch. Two or three over ten inches and twenty under ten per spot so we move every 10-15 minutes. This is why a guide is very helpful plenty of spots, no time wasted. We are tight lining minnows [...]

By |June 30, 2023|


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