The Deep Ledge Spinner has the same qualities of the Deep Ledge Jig. The small light-wire hook lets you probe the thickest cover and not get hung up, yet the hook is big enough to land a 2-pound crappie or even a 26 inch or bigger walleye. The hook will bend easily, making it easy to pull them free from cover. The spinner is sure to attract the BIG walleye and crappie in your favorite fishing spots. Team this jig with a braided line that has no stretch and you will almost stop losing jigs. Just a quick snap of the rod will generally free the jig.

Use this spinner with your favorite plastic, like a Baby Shad, Midsouth Tube or the new Brush Chubs and give those fish a reason to strike.  Jigs are available in 4 colors for all water clarity conditions.  We also sell Midsouth Tubes & Brush Chubs…select Plastics to view available colors for both.

Deep Ledge Spinners are sold as 3 jigs per package all with #4 hooks per color.

Available colors:

  • White with a silver willow leaf blade
  • Chartreuse with a silver willow leaf blade
  • Orange with a bronze willow leaf blade
  • Red with a bronze willow leaf blade
  • Pink with a silver willow leaf blade

Available weights:

  • 3/32 oz.
  • 1/8 oz.
  • 3/16 oz.
  • 1/4 oz.

SPECIAL ORDERS:  Our mold does make other hook and jig head sizes.  These special requests require you to CALL to place your order! Call 217-840-1221.  Do NOT order online!

Options available:

  • other hook sizes: #1 & #2

*Colors may vary slightly from product images on this website