90-minute DVD featuring fishing guide, Steve Welch giving fishing tips and techniques. This is the first in a four-part series of fishing DVDs. This how-to fishing DVD talks about spring crappie fishing patterns and how to catch a ton of fish!

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From Steve Welch, Lake Shelbyville Fishing Guide:

These how-to DVDs were filmed by Dave Haugh, a retired laborer and camera buff, who makes hunting videos to show his potential clients what kind of dogs they would get if they were to buy one of his puppies. He shows the parents of those puppies in hunting situations. The videos have been a huge success.

Since Dave had all the equipment, the ability to edit a finished product and was an accomplished fisherman in his own right, it just seemed logical for Dave and I to collaborate and put together our first, of many, how-to fishing videos.

This DVD is not full of sponsors’ ads. It has a homespun look to it. The video shows Dave and me talking about spring crappie fishing patterns and of course, catching a ton of fish.

I mention some tackle companies that I use and believe in. I have traveled to many lakes all over the Midwest and these baits work for me wherever I go.

The DVD was filmed on Lake Shelbyville. This is my home lake where I have been a licensed guide for over fifteen years. I have had a lot of success there and at other lakes in Crappie U.S.A. and Crappie Masters tourneys.

I go into extreme detail on how to catch crappie fish, how to interpret your electronics and equipment. We have had great feedback from this DVD, which has helped a lot of people catch more fish.

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