I am full for the remainder of 2023 unless December is warm enough to get in a couple of trips. I will be on Kentucky Lake most of November. Give me a call at 217-840-1221.

These are my plans for 2024 since I am back guiding full-time. I will be in attendance at the Collinsville Show, Schaumburg Show, Tinley Park Show but I would nail these down beforehand as I book a bunch of trips with these shows.

Ice-Out Deep Crappie Shelbyville
March 17-29

Kentucky Lake Pre=spawn-spawn crappie
April 1,2,3,4,7,8,9,10,11

Shelbyille Lake Pre-spawn-spawn crappie
April 18-30, May 1,2,4,6-14

Shelbyville walleye/white bass/crappie pulling spinnners and casting jigs trips
May 15,16,25,26,27,28
June 4-15 maybe a little later depending on fish catches.

Shelbyville crappie/white bass combo trips
June 16-30
July 1-9,11-31
August Prime time for white bass 1-31
September 1-30
October 1-15

Shelbyville crappie trips
October 16-31

Kentucky Lake deep crappie Prime Time
November 5-30 A must see!!!!

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