If I were to grade the fishing right now on Shelbyville I would say it is the best it has been since early May. The crappie are gorging themselves and so are the white bass.

The lake level is 601 or roughly just over one-feet above normal summer pool. Lake is gin clear and water temps in high sixties to mid seventies. I have been waiting all summer for my normal summertime brush piles to not be to deep to hold fish. Finally I can get out the slip bobbers and fish sizeable brush turn the boat to the side and use my spotlock after I mark off the brush with buoys and tell my customers right where and how deep to throw. I can see the biggest two or three fish on a limb with my Livescope and get a minnow right on their head. Been using down trees, Shelbyville Cubes and brush with the slip bobbers 14-18ft. deep mid lake to south end.

We will be fishing the slip bobber and minnow rigs for the rest of October since we can get a third client in the boat and everyone has a comfortable seat. We are going through about 18 dozen minnows a day so tons of action.

As soon as the lake turns over I will concentrate on the north end. Less running in the boat and I love to set three of us on the front deck and tight line a jig over structure. This style is only going to allow two clients besides myself. I have been swimming a jig across the top of brush in the 12ft. range on the north end and been getting some very big crappie. I garage made an 1/8oz. sinker with a barrel swivel on each end so no line twist. Then I put on a tiny 1/32oz. hair jig on about a foot long leader. Watching it on Livescope so I don’t get too deep in the structure and get hung up as I pendulum it through the brush. This is a big fish can’t resist trick and I have been hammering them on both Shelbyville and Kentucky Lake doing this. Nothing more fun than a big crappie smacking that jig. Got to love the THUMP!!!! Livescope changed the whole ballgame for sure. With it I can see the biggest fish in the pile and I can watch your jig swim right by him.

I am also using this same set up on points to catch plenty of big white bass and black crappie. I am scanning with the Livescope finding huge schools of white bass out in about twenty-feet on the nose of a point and with them right on the drop are big black crappie. They lay right on the bottom where the sheer drop to deep water occurs. They hammer that hair jig just let it fall to the bottom and pop it off while picking up the slack. I am also using a Bomber jigging spoon in white, chrome or chartreuse. I cast it out about twenty-feet let it fall to the bottom and jig it up about a foot follow it back to the bottom. If it doesn’t fall you got a white bass or a huge buffalo. Been accidently catching three or four everyday in the 10-40lb. range

October and November is going to be the best crappie fishing we have. The boat has got three or four limits everyday for over a month some days in only 90 minutes. Check out my availability list on this website and give me a call. 217-840-1221

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