The water temps have fallen very quickly from low 80’s a couple weeks ago down to 68-70. What this has done is move my white bass big time. They are now on the bank and spread all over the lake on anything slow tapering with wind on it. I have just a couple trips left for them then will be getting rid of the rods and concentrating on crappie only. Hopefully on these last two trips we get a 20 plus wind. That will bunch them up.

For those looking for white bass just look for bait. They are up on the surface and you can easily see them and the whites will be under them. Flats, shallow points are all over the north end. Just keep your eyes open for bait activity.

Best news is we are heading into the best season we have for crappie fishing. My favorite time of the year, smack the rod out of your hand jig bite. I put both my clients up on the nose with me and we tight line a 12ft. rod and a jig. No need for a bunch of rods or live bait. This bite does nothing but get better as we see water temps. drop into the fifties.

My trips are really filling since it got cooler so don’t wait to get in on this great fall fishing. Currently I have September 17,25,26 open and plenty in October. If you want crappie I would wait until then.

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