The lake is about a foot and a half under normal summer pool and very clear due to little rain. Water temps have fallen to 55 in the morning on the north end. Warming as the day goes on. All signs of turnover appear to be done.

Expect the crappie to continue to move shallow over these next few weeks. I am currently fishing anything in ten-foot of water from Bo-Woods over to Wilborn. Some places even shallower. We are fishing jigs both tight lining them and under a slip bobber. My 3/32oz. Deep Ledge Jigs and a Brushpile Hammer in chartreuse and some other color. Tipping with a wax worm or chartreuse crappie nibble really helps.

The cubes in shallower water have really picked up. Forget about those out in 15ft. nothing but small fish. Laydowns have also been very productive with depths of 10-14ft. Mid depth heavy brush has also been good. On these very cold nights they are burying up in the cubes and thick brush. Look for fish up on top of the cubes then attack the sides and watch on your Livescope for fish just on the other side. Swimming a jig across them will get the active fish then just put your jig down in a foot or so and hold it.

Been kind of tough up in the Wilborn area but not for long. So I have been fishing on the main lake. This past weekend we cleaned 84 or six short of triple limits both days and caught twice that many and had some fish approaching 13in.

I like it once that water temp falls about five to 50 or less more then the crappie really stack up on structure and will attack a jig. Long boat rides are done and limits in very short time frame.

I still have October 23rd open and that is my last open date for the rest of the year. Reach out to me to get your favorite dates for next season as I am coming back full time in April. I have my calendar and dates are being booked. My number is 217-840-1221 or just go to my website at

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