Fishing Report October 1-15The current lake level is 599.1. Summer pool is 599.7 so down some and the water temps are bouncing around from 68-70. The lake is gin clear especially the south end.

I am seeing baitfish very shallow early in the morning, just look where the Pelicans are moving around in the water. They are right on top of them. Wind will bring in white bass and walleye since there is so much bait.

I have been stopping and throwing my jigging spoon, hair jig combo or a Big Dude blade bait at these shallow schools. The whites about rip the rod from your hand. Soon however I will be doing just crappie trips as they are getting right as well.

I currently have but three areas that the whites have been very dependable so we switch it up around 10:30 and go crappie fishing and by then we usually have between 40-100 whites in the livewell depending on wind direction and severity. You know me I want a bunch.

I have clients that are die-hard crappie only so for that we have been jumping from brush pile to brush pile using a slip bobber and minnow combo. We turn the boat to the side and I use a 14ft. rod to pinpoint exactly where in the brush pile the larger crappie are and how deep they are. I swim my hair jig across the top of the branch they are on. Then after the minnows do their work I drop down deep into the brush pile and pull a few off bottom. Hard to do with a slip bobber you need to be exact and go through many branches to get to them. Big crappie are smart. We are going through about ten dozen minnows so lots of action and lots of crappie between 9 1/2 to 11. We have a split limit so lots of throw backs trying to get three or four limits.

Currently I don’t have an opening until October 15 and by then we will just be crappie fishing since the water temps will be falling to what they love and you will see them move shallower. My openings at this time are October 15,16,17,18,22,23,24,25,29,31. November 1,2. That is all I have for the 2023 season and these won’t last long so better give me a call soon. 217-840-1221

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