Best Bet…Crappie

Fall is here, the trees are brightly colored and the water temps took a big nose dive this week and now our guides are seeing 55-60.

On the header I put the entire month of November rather than just repeat myself in two weeks. Nothing much changes you catch a sunny day or an overcast day doesn’t matter. Just get some jigs and go get them. No better time of the year. The weather patterns are more stable than the spring and the fish are just as shallow. If you have any knowledge of this lake you know November is it and hundred fish days are every day thing. My hands used to just get raw from taking so many fish off the hook.

The bite is so good all you need is a handful of Deep Ledge Jigs and some Brushpile Jigs Brush Chubs. I always used the big stuff in the fall. Quarter ounce jigs will get their attention and a three-inch plastic not too big.

Let water color and either a sunny day or dark overcast day determine what colors you go with. I like anything with some chartreuse on it but those big quarter-ounce orange Deep Ledge Jigs really get it done on dark nasty days as do our black ones.

The crappie on the north end are starting to move very shallow. This is the best time of the year to load the boat up with the biggest crappie this lake has to offer. No need for long boat rides put in at either Bo-Woods or Wilborn and just start fishing, any wood in the six to ten foot range. Three man limits are coming in just a few hours.

Just tightline one of our big Deep Ledge Jigs with a plastic shad body or try one of our Deep Ledge Jigs we call the Baby Bug. It is a hand tied jig by a local angler that just tears them up in cold water.

The larger Black Crappie simply love this bait and as we get into water temps in the low forties mid- thirties it will really shine.

A recent report from one of my buddies that lives and fishes on Kentucky Lake says the Baby Bugs are out fishing everything in his tackle box. You catch 90% Blacks over whites with it. Down there currently it is the Blacks that you want to target. Much healthier currently over the whites.

Our full line of Deep Ledge Jigs and plastics are available at our on-line store at They are also available at Chip’s Marine located at the Bo-Woods exit on Lake Shelbyville. Howie’s Lakeside on Rt. 32 south of Sullivan and Gregory’ Resort located on the way into Lithia on the south end of the lake. Give them a try we ship them all over the country.

I tell anglers all the time the fishing is pretty good but believe me the fall fishing is by far the best. The biggest fish you will see all year. Just grab your favorite jig pole and go catch them.

Our guides are about booked but we can still get you in with some notice.

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