The lake has risen over two-feet in the last several days and water temps. have spiked to 70-75 depending on where you are. For me that spells walleye time. My strictly crappie trips will resume in July.

We are casting for the most part a 1/4oz. Deep Ledge Jig and a 3-inch Powerbait Ribbontail Firetiger twistertail. Staying back off very shallow stumps in 2-4ft. and crawling this jig as slow as you can go keeping it on bottom. We are doing this early in the morning then switching over to pulling bottom bouncers and spinner rigs tipped with a minnow for now. Crawlers in a couple weeks. Reason for this is we can catch a lot of bonus crappie off the deep drop-offs of flats as well as the target species of walleye/sauger.

I make my own spinner rigs much shorter to allow me to go through stumps and standing timber and not get hung as much. I make them about 18 inches long and use 15lb. Fluorocarbon line on a line counter to repeat what we did after a catch. Been doing this for nearly twenty years during the crappie post spawn.

I can still just hammer the crappie on a slip bobber and minnow rig on deep brush so for now those poles are still in the boat but pulling spinners is my main focus.

I still have June 21,22,26 open and plenty in July when we offer the combo trips of crappie/white bass. We run these all summer and it is a ball with catches over a hundred fish daily. Bring out the kids no more fun than this believe me. My availability list on my website has my open dates.

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