My first fishing report for 2024. The lake is 595.04 or 1.04ft. above winter pool. Very low but normal this time of the year. Summer pool is 599.7. Winter is 594.

With all the warm weather we have experienced the water temps. have went up quick. Today I found as high as 54.8. The crappie are up shallow basking in the much warmer water temps than the deep water. With all the wind we are tight lining a 3/32oz. Deep Ledge Jig and a Brushpile Hammer or Dart in either Peppercorn, Wyatt’s Blue Magic or Green Goblin. Today the Dart out fished the Hammer. Makes since I cleaned gizzard shad out of their bellies that were huge. Probably time to get out the big stuff.

Lee rolled a huge one today out of just two-feet. I saw it, close to two-pounds. We would of returned it anyway. The big fish are in 2-8ft. Especially the Black crappie. Deep water has just small fish.

Everyone has been asking what will the next couple of days cold front do to them. They won’t go far but most likely bury in the mud. Wind speed and direction this time of year is more important. We are hovering over fish in just three-feet of water. A slip bobber would be better but the wind blows every day.

Today we found it difficult to find fish under ten-inches so I wouldn’t worry the lake is in good shape. A timely lengthy period of high water this year would really help.

With just Lee and I we probably caught 75 today and right now I am moving around a lot, looking for spots since the lake is so low.

Since I do so many fishing shows during the winter my schedule is pretty full. Currently I only have March 20,21 open until June 13th. I would grab these up the crappie fishing is very good and I always say March can be better than early April just do to all the cold rain in April and water levels bouncing everywhere.

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