The lake is at summer pool and gin clear. Water temps. today were 75. Man do we need some rain. The walleye like every year have changed up their feeding habits and switched to nights. I have some buddies fishing from 7pm to 4am. I cannot due to a guide trip next day which runs from 7am to 3pm.

I have been pulling bottom bouncers and spinner rigs with pretty good success in 21 guide trips counting walleye both over fourteen inches and shorts we have boated well over 200 walleye with four being 24in.or larger. But they have drastically slowed down for me so starting tomorrow we are throwing in the drop-shot rigs and looking for white bass as well as crappie on ledges. I can see them on my Garmin sonar and Livescope then just toss the drop-shot rig to them and drag it down the ledge. We put a 1/32oz. white hair jig a foot above a 1/2oz. weight. Catch a bunch of them all summer and very deadly technique. Not unusual to fill a 60qt. cooler with whites and boy are they big this year and a ton of fight in them.

We also fish a slip bobber and minnow over main lake brush all summer with deadly results for crappie. It is not unusual to get a three or four man limit every day for two or three months. That is how good the summer crappie fishing is tons of action. So much I start my day every day with 10-15 dozen minnows.

July is quickly approaching and my dates are filling for the crappie/ white bass combo trips. I enjoy taking families and July is my month to do so. Take a kid fishing whenever you can is my moto. Even if that kid is near 90 years old.

I just returned from my Kentucky Lake summer guide trips and we had several huge fish so much that my dates for November are filling fast. I only have Nov. 7-11 left. This is the very best time to go down there. Nobody fishing and we just wear them out. Several fish over two pounds it is a ball. We Livescope them from deep stakebeds and pick out the big ones. Fishing for dimes is what I call them.

Best give me a call soon for the summer crappie/ white bass combo trips or the Kentucky Lake trips. Go once and you are hooked on these. My number is 217-840-1221 or simply go to my website at and check availability.

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