The lake is in great shape water color wise and at normal pool. Water temps are running 74-78. The crappie spawn is done but males are still guarding some nests. I am fishing mainly stumps near deep water. Right after the spawn they tend to move to stumps as they work their way back to deep summer spots. Livescope is really a god send right now. I am pendulum tossing a 1/8oz. casting sinker on ten pound braid then a fifteen inch fluorocarbon leader and a small 1/32oz. white hair jig. Swimming it is key they tend to stare at minnows under slip bobber but would rather chase my hair jig. On Livescope you see them leave the stump and chase it four or five feet. We have been getting some big males. I have clients rigged with the same hair jig but a half ounce weight on bottom and the jig on a small loop knot a foot or so above it. Drop shot rig is what we call it and right now it is a go to bait for many species. I instruct my customers to watch where my bait hits the water then throw there and leave your bail open and let it fall to the bottom. We have been tipping this rig with a lively minnow.

1. For the walleye we have been hitting stumps on edges of flats with this drop shot rig. Fishing them very vertical to keep from getting hung up all the time. I have been fishing a half ounce Bomber Slab Spoon along side my clients keeping it vertical as well. Having plenty of offshore waypoints on stumps is critical. I have spent years collecting them.

2. We have also been trolling number seven Flickershads 60ft.back on line counters. This will touch in eight feet. I use my Garmin mapping to track that depth alongside drops and up on flats.

3. We have also been hitting very shallow flats and points casting a 1/8oz. Big Dude blade bait. By far Firetiger has been the preferred color this year on the Big Dudes or Flickershads.

For the white bass wind is critical and lots of it. We have been using my spotlock on my trolling motor and staying right on a ledge with wind blowing in. Luckily my Yar-Craft walleye boat can set in these huge waves. Memorial weekend we set in the same spot for two days and caught 238 white bass.

1. We have been using two quarter ounce Deep Ledge Jigs tied a foot apart. Cast out over the ledge and count it down to ten before you engage the reel. Then reel about five cranks and stop hesitate and do it again.

2. I have been using the half ounce Bomber Slab spoon with a 1/32oz hair jig tied a foot above it. Same thing throw it over the drop and let it go to the bottom. Pop it and let it fall back. I am throwing this on a baitcaster and seventeen pound test. Doubles are the norm on both these white bass set ups. Two of them is about all you can handle and kids love this and boy do they struggle getting them in.

Like I said got to have wind to put them in predictable spots otherwise you are chasing ghosts all over the lake. But I do love white bass fishing and June is the best month to do it.

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