Best Bet – CRAPPIE

Another week goes by and we get another foot of water. The lake is at 609. Normal summer pool is 599.95. This has changed things from last week. The thermocline that was starting to show on the north end is gone but the south end has one at 20ft.

I am still using a simple slip bobber and minnow and my Livescope to find fish on Laydowns, Shelbyville Cubes, Stumps, and Standing timber. Fishing anywhere from 15-18ft. down on the slip bobber. Water depth doesn’t matter just depth of the wood.

Still casting my hair jigs when I get a chance but on guide trips I am the marker buoy so to speak. I find the fish point my Livescope and once I am 25ft. away I cast right where I want my customers to throw. I will move I instruct them but the fish are right there. Its been working by staying back and not throwing a buoy on them.

I am starting my day with at least 15 dozen minnows so handling a ton of fish. If action is what you want better give me a call, plus you just have to see the Livescope. Watch fish swim right up to your bait and see them take it before your cork goes down. Like watching a movie. A must tool for staying on fish.

I still have July 25 and 30 open and several days in August. Just go to my calendar and look for open dates. With the high water the fishing will remain very good all summer.

Steve Welch
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