The lake is right at summer pool and very clear. Water temps have fallen somewhat to 77 after seeing them as high as 84 during all that heat. The bait has started to move from out on the main lake to back into the coves. Those with small creeks in the back will be the first to get shallow crappie, large mouth and white bass. These next three to four weeks will have fish moving. No longer see me setting out on a river channel bank on a big down tree. Just small fish are all that is left.

Right now I am leaving the last couple hours and setting up on some points that have big white bass on them if it is windy. No wind not worth it. We are using a simple drop-shot rig with a half-ounce weight on the bottom then up about a foot or so I have a small 1/32oz. white hair jig. Just make a short cast perpendicular to the drop-off and let it hit the bottom then pop it off and let it fall back to the bottom. Those whites will hammer it. I am looking for yellow bass activity right on the bottom. Get them fired up and a big white will zoom in. These whites are running 16in. plus and pushing two pounds.

I like fall and we are about to get into it. Big winds will have white bass up on shallow flats and locating cooler water is the key right now for crappie. I am jumping around a lot but still using a slip bobber and minnow for the most part on brush in the 5-15ft. range. Jigs will take over once the water temps. get below 55.

I am running out of open dates on weekends but can get a day off during the week with 48 hours or more notice. I only have ten open weekend dates the rest of the year. Just go to my website and check my calendar or give me a call at 217-840-1221.

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