The lake is a hair below summer pool and gin clear. I am starting to see signs of a thermocline building. Just what I want to put the crappie at that 15-17ft. range. We are going through about 15-18 dozen minnows a day so lots of action. I am catching fish on my white hair jigs as well. It is fun to see all the fish chase it on my Livescope.

I have my customers use a slip bobber and minnow set up. Since they can’t watch the Livescope from their seats like I can. Anglers young and old can do this and boy does that cork go down. If you don’t get a bite in fifteen seconds I help you move it to where I see fish on my Livescope.

The trick to all this I guess is experience I have been guiding on this lake for 28 years. You need a slight breeze to latterly move your slip bobber across the top of a lay down tree or brush pile. Main lake on points, river channel banks or entrances to coves with wind blowing into them.

Mark them upwind with a buoy and instruct clients where to cast to. I can see the crappie and even put you on the larger ones with my Livescope. Kind of cheating but boy does it pay off.

Not fishing for anything else but crappie at this time but with the minnows we are catching a few white bass, catfish, bluegills and Largemouth bass.

I have added a few weekday trips to my August schedule August 11,12,15,16,27. I would get in on this fast action if I were you.

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