The lake has been rising and falling for several weeks now. Once we got into April, the Corp wants to keep the lake at 596 ft. above sea level. That is roughly four feet under normal summer pool. Currently, the lake is 603.5 and has crested and will be falling back to 596 or seven and a half feet.

The water temps have risen and fallen like the water levels currently they are at 46 on the north end with much dirtier water and 41 on the clear and deep south end. A long ways from spawning movement so for now you need to crappie fish just like you would during the winter months. Main lake points that have deep timber or stumps, river channels that have standing timber on them and mouths of coves with standing timber.

Use you side-imaging to locate schools of fish as they will be bunched up most likely at about fifteen-feet down in much deeper water. Over stumps or in standing timber. Once the water temps hit fifty on the surface get out your cork rods and fish near the surface around standing timber. You only need to fish down two-three feet. You must have a sunny day without it concentrate on the deep fish.

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