The lake level is 596.81 and they are still allowing fall for a few more weeks. They like to stay at 596 until mid May then allow it to come up to summer pool at 599.97.

Water temps have been all over the place. as of today April 20th they were 59 on the north end. They have been as high as 65 and the crappie spawn was in full bore but just like every April the temps bounce all over the place. At about 58 the males will get up on nests and around 62 the females will show up.

We have been both tight lining a 3/32oz. Deep Ledge Jig and a Brushpile jig Dart or Hammer in Monkeymilk, white/chartreuse, peppercorn and Wyatt’s blue magic or just about any color for slightly stained water. Some days we are tipping them with a wax worm. In about 6-10ft. on both wood and Shelbyville Cubes.

Haven’t needed minnows but we are breaking out the big tank tomorrow since I have a three angler trip. Plus I am guiding on Kentucky Lake all next week and we will be using live bait down there. I have been down twice this month and they have the same thing going we do. Warms up males get shallow, cools off males back off. My last trip April 2nd-5th we caught about 70 with 53 being over 13 1/2in. No two pounders but very close. This trip will be better I bet. I am there April 22-29 then back home for more crappie spawning action.

Every day for nearly two weeks we have been getting three limits very easily and most days in less than three hours so we have been switching it up and looking for walleye. Wind has been our friend and we have had a ton of it. I have fished in winds pushing 25mph for several days. My big Yar-Craft has no trouble putting the trolling motor on spotlock in two footers and casting 1/4oz. Big Dudes across shallow hard bottom gravel bars. Most days getting five to seven most are just short of 14in. minimum. It is early for them but it gives us something to do. Next month it will get much better.

My trips are filling fast so better get one nailed down. I have June 21,22,25-29 open and plenty in July for the crappie/white bass combo trips. 217-840-1221 or go to

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