The lake is at 601.8 or roughly two-feet over normal summer pool. They will most likely keep dropping it to about 598 until we hit Memorial weekend and then allow it to come back up. Flood control lake this is how it is. Water temps are running 49-53 depending on which end you are on.

The crappie spawn has started. Males are just starting to get their dark colors. As water warms and it progresses they will get dark as coal. My estimate is around May 16th our next full moon and a couple 60 degree nights the spawn will wrap up on the north end. They are still catchable as the males stay on the nests for quite a spell.

This lake is so big and completely different from one end to the other. North end is shallow and more stained so the spawn will start earlier. South end is very deep and so are the banks in coves. The water is a lot clearer and slower to warm so I have seen the spawn go on until Memorial weekend.

I will be changing the boat over from tight lining a jig watching Livescope to turning the boat to the side and throwing minnows on slip bobbers. Which allows us to stay off shallow nests and also allows me to get a third angler in the boat or four of us including me. Hungry males want a lively minnow and hate one close to their fry so we always switch when water temps hit that 60 range.

This lake an Army Corp flood control lake the crappie don’t spawn in inches of water like other lakes. They tend to be in 4-6ft. They never know when the Corp will drop or raise the lake.

As for me right after the 16th I will totally switch the boat over to pulling bottom bouncers and spinner rigs. In search of walleye and post spawn crappie. Clients love this style of fishing and those trips book very early. As you can see on my calendar I only have May 3,10 still open until July. These are great crappie trips so somebody better jump soon.

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