I am down on Kentucky Lake until April 18th. I am relying on several of my guide buddies for a fishing report on Shelbyville. The lake should come up to 596ft. above sea level April 1st. This will help because it is as low as you will ever see it right now. Water temps. will still be bouncing all over the place and you will have to search out clearer water just like every spring. The pre-spawn period never gets going until mid to late April or we see consistent water temps. in the mid 50’s. All other movements in to shallow water is because the shallows warm quickly and they want to search out the warmest water they can find. Best news at 596 there will be some cover that holds fish. Right now they are just roaming near the surface up on the north end.

I will be back for the entire spawn. Right now I am seeing the entire spawn on Kentucky Lake.

Steve Welch
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