My first fishing report for April on Shelbyville. The lake rose four feet in just 48 hours so the north end is very dirty. We are fishing mid lake to south end over brush and laydowns down anywhere from 14-22ft. Using clear water colors such as Brushpile Hammers in white and chartreuse or my small hair jigs same colors. Both tipped with a wax worm that has really been helping. Water temps are starting out at 44 and rising to 49 on sunny days. I am using my new Garmin side imaging to go down a bank pretty quick and looking for branches of a deep laydown out in at least 15ft. I can see fish on them then we swing around and use the Livescope to pinpoint our baits. Stumps have also been working but we are getting a lot of bluegills on them too. Catching a ton of small fish and ending the days with about 25 pretty nice fish to keep. Did catch a nice fourteen inch fish yesterday my biggest thus far. It will get better soon. The Corp will drop the bottom out of the lake as soon as they find the drowning victim that went in downstream for right now they aren’t letting any water out. As it is in April cold rains, fluctuating water levels. Come on warm weather!!!!

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