Spring will be here before you know it and those great Kentucky Lake Crappie spawn trips will be gone. Last year I took Lee Sharp down and went right to a shallow laydown in four-feet of water. Our first six fish were all blackened up males with spawn colors over 14in. long. He was hooked on Kentucky Lake from then on and jumps at it every time I say let’s go.

Their water temps run about ten degrees or more warmer than Shelbyville in the spring so I get a three to four week jump on the spawn. Love starting my season down there, very little crowds huge crappie some pushing 16in. plus well past two pounds pushing three. Just look at my picture folder on the website.

I have been fishing the lake for at least forty years and have over 4000 waypoints from the Blood River down to the Big Sandy and now many even further on the main river that I use in the summer.

As most of you know I start show season January 5th and will be giving a seminar on Kentucky Lake and will be pushing to fill my open spots. As of now they are April 1,2,3,8,10,11. That is not many but I do plan on returning in November for the great fall bite. These two periods are the best in my opinion. I love June and July but the fish are skinny and it is all main river fishing so running forty miles or more a day is the norm. I do see plenty of 16in. fish though.

Give me a call at 217-840-1221 or simply send me an e-mail from LakeShelbyvilleGuide.com. My openings for the 2024 season are posted as well.

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