Summer Time Slabs

Lake Shelbyville has got to be the best summer crappie fishing in the state due to its depth and ample width to get the southwest breeze we need to move the bait. Once we get into July, the lake starts to create a thermocline and this forces all the fish to live in the 15-18 foot range all summer.

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Winter Crappie Fishing Kentucky Lake

Most of you know that I spend a lot of time on Kentucky Lake and guide down there for two months a year now. I try and time it when Shelbyville is slow like during the up and down water levels and cold rains of early April or the lake turnover period of late September to early October.

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November Jig Crappie Fishing, Feel The Thump

I wait for it all year that thump of a hungry crappie that knows winter is coming so he better fatten up quick. All my rods for slip bobber fishing are gone so are my white bass rods. It is time for my favorite rods to come out. My custom made Norm’s jig rods. They are stiffer than what you can buy and I need them stiff so I can fish my 1/4oz. Deep Ledge Jig.

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Winter Ledge Fishing on Kentucky Lake

When asked what you do in your spare time since I am a full time fishing guide. My answer is simple I go crappie fishing down on Kentucky lake to be more exact I go to Paris Landing and fish the Big Sandy. I have fished all over this massive lake but the winter ledge fishing is what I love the most.

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