While Attending Winter Fishing Shows Stop and Attend a Seminar

                                                                                                                By Steve Welch


Every year I try and educate my listeners to the best of my ability. I get the opportunity to be on the water some 250 days a year and get to play with all the newest equipment on the market today. I tell listeners how we catch so many fish in all sorts of fishing conditions. I am quite free with my info and do everything I can to make you a better fisherman. I guide on a flood control lake so you better be adaptable to stay on fish when the water might rise nine feet in three days like it did this past year. Then stay that high for five months.

I have a power point presentation loaded with screen shots taken from my Lowrance electronics and this year we went one step further and made sonar logs and filmed how we mark waypoints and which trees we would go back to and which ones we would skip. I show listeners what fish look like on the screens and the difference between catchable active fish or dormant non-feeding fish. I show them the difference in a small crappie versus a larger one and how to pinpoint exactly where he is and how to put a bait right under his nose.

I show attendees how we find deep schools of white bass and how to target walleye on Lake Shelbyville.  Also what baits we use and the whole system we use to target both species.

This year I am guiding down on Kentucky Lake during the winter so I will be telling listeners how I catch those deep ledge crappie as well.

I go into detail on how winter crappie feed and where they live and how I set my boat up to allow three fishermen to set up on the nose so you can see all of our jigs on the front depth finders. Plus all the tackle and equipment we use to catch them so deep.

I carry this over to Lake Shelbyville since it fishes very similar in the winter and then we show you how to stay on the crappie right on through the spawn and even after. We catch tons of them during the hot summer months. I show you the different tactics we use during the summer versus the winter.

I then go into detail on how we fish for our lakes ever growing sauger population. Between the walleye and sauger, Lake Shelbyville is the best lake in the state to catch these fish normally associated with the northern part of the country.

While you are at the shows take in as many seminars as you can. I frequent many myself. I like to hear how anglers catch walleye, catfish, muskie and the like. If you stop learning you won’t become a better angler.

My season starts with the Collinsville “Let’s Go Fishing Show” January 3rd  - 5th. My seminar times are noon on Friday the 3rd and noon on Saturday the 4th.

Then I go to Bloomington to the “Illinois Fish & Feather Expo” January 24-26. My speaking times aren’t available as of yet but I will have a booth at both of these shows and as we get closer to the shows I am sure they will have speaking times listed on their websites as will I on my website at www.LakeShelbyvilleGuide.Com

I have two totally different seminars this year so pick the one that most suits you. One is titled Fishing with Today’s Hi-Tech Lowrance Electronics and the other is Fishing For Crappie and Walleye on Lake Shelbyville and Kentucky Lake.

If you are interested in a guided trip on Kentucky Lake in March or on Lake Shelbyville from April until December then just check my website on the front page where I have open dates and give me a call or e-mail. Otherwise I will see you all at the winter fishing shows.