November Crappie, Best Month of the Year

by Steve Welch


I look forward to November each year. We start out fishing shallow once the water temps drop into the fifties just like in the spring then once we get into mid month you move out to any brush† or down tree in 10-15 feet. The fish are hungry as they know winter is coming.


Why would you say November is better than the spring . Stable weather and the lake isnít bouncing all over the place with the Corp dropping it and Mother Nature raising it. We limit out each and every day in November. You can go back through my old pics on my website and see the pattern.


I rig three rods with slip corks and jigs under them and fish shallow stumps and brush† and we also rig three rods with† my Deep Ledge Jig and fish vertically over brush. I have had the boats limit of forty-five in less then two hours on a good day but normally we catch about 75-100 over the course of the day and just work on a good looking three man limit.


The jigs I use are made by Midsouth and I use light colored jigs in clear water and some sort of chartreuse in stained. We then fill the tubes with crappie nibbles using my bait pump. They call it sugar bites in the south and crappie love them.


I just returned from the Crappie U.S.A. Classic down on Kentucky Lake and I finished 12th on the Semi-Pro side. That isnít bad against those boys as the Kentucky pros are the toughest in the country. We had just under twenty pounds for our two days or seven fish each day. We caught about four hundred legal sized fish all week and we had a ball. These next few weeks the bite will be red hot on Kentucky and Lake Shelbyville.


For those of you that didnít know I have a new fishing forum on my website called Illinois Fish Talk. It is a multi-species forum that will be filled great info about fishing and electronics. All you need to do is go to my website at www.LakeShelbyvilleGuide.Com and click on the icon at the top of the page and become a member. There is no cost and you should learn some valuable info. It has been up and running now for three weeks and we have about 120 members already. It should be a fun way for everyone to stay in touch.


I still have many open dates in November so just check out my website for openings and all the products mentioned here are also available except Midsouth tubes you will have to order them from Phylis or Doyle.