Fall Is Finally Here

By Steve Welch
This summer has been the hottest and driest I have ever seen. I pushed my way through a dozen
or more hundred degree plus days and caught crappie all through it. Lake Shelbyville the lake that I guide on is deep enough that crappie remain very active all summer long. This can be a life saver since the every moving white bass can be hard to stay with in the summer months.
September starts out like warm just like August but cools off nicely at the end of the month and this gets the white bass shallow which allows me to switch back and forth between whites and crappie all through September and October.
I love fishing for whites on the shallow main lake flats. We anchor in two-feet of water and cast towards shore. The windier the better is my motto. Bait gets pushed right up on shore and the whites will be so shallow their backs are out of the water. We run the trolling motor up and down the shore and create a bust or feeding frenzy.
The crappie fishing is still on fire like it has been all summer but now I can throw in some jig action to go with my minnow slip bobber rig. We pendulum a jig by any standing tree in the front of the coves with deep water in them. We cast about six-feet by the tree and let it fall back towards you and if there is a crappie on the tree they will nail the jig.
As a fishing guide I like having so much action and versatility to bounce back and forth between species. Of course you need to carry more rods and for me that means times four. I need four rods rigged to slip bobber fish, four rods to pendulum jig fish, and four rods to cast Candystripers and a couple spares.
I use a Norm’s eight-foot rod with larger eyelets to fish my deep crappie slip bobber rig. I spool it with twenty-pound Fireline Crystal, a quarter-ounce weight, a barrel swivel and a foot long leader of Stren seventeen-pound Fluorocarbon, a number four light wire aberdeen hook and a cork big enough to hold it all up.
I use eleven-foot Outlaw crappie rods to pendulum fish with spooled with eight-pound Fireline Crystal and an eighth ounce Deep Ledge Jig with a Midsouth tube on it. The longer rods make it easier to pendulum by a standing tree.
I use seven-foot Abu-Garcia Veritas rods spooled with ten-pound mono on a Pflueger reel to
throw my Candystriper lures for the white bass.
September is really a beautiful month on Lake Shelbyville. All the trees are turning and the temps are so comfortable. This lake has no homes lining the shore so all you see is nature. We routinely see bald eagles wild turkeys and tons of deer.
My fall trips are filling fast so if you would like to reserve a fall fishing date just go to my website at
www.Lakeshelbyvilleguide.com for availability.