Illinois Fish Talk
by Steve Welch

I have added a fish forum to my website to allow folks to post just about anything from selling your boat to great recipes. We have forums to post your big fish pics and many other sub-forums to use as well.

We also have top notch electronic info unmatched anywhere from my partner Alan Corzine. He is a Lowrance Advanced Product tester. He gets to try out all the new equipment way before they are introduced. Plus he is an engineer by trade so he can really dive into the technical stuff for you.

My expertise is fishing as I am a full time guide on both Lake Shelbyville and Kentucky Lake. This is my 21st. year of being a fishing guide and I like to share with all of you what I am doing. I post on Fish Talk almost daily with fishing patterns and new products I am using to keep me catching fish.

This forum has been up and running for a few years now and we have nearly 1100 members and growing each day. So far it has not been one of those forums that arguments and negative criticism has not started nor tolerated. We have a strict rule over this, no three strikes you are just banished. I have seen this on many other sites.

We just have a nice group of guys that like to help each other out. I have members from all over the world and it is cool to see their catches of strange fish we never get to see. We have pro Bass fishermen as members and pro walleye fishermen as well. They all relate their current fishing adventures.

It is the best way to get up to date info about Lake Shelbyville and other lakes. Once I am out guiding every day it is filled with fish pictures and stories of how we caught them.

This site provides you with the quickest way to become a better fisherman and not just a better crappie fisherman as we have members that fish for many species.

I encourage all of you to join our ranks. It does not cost you a dime and we will be glad to have you on-board. Just go to my website at and look in the top right hand corner to move you to Illinois Fish Talk and then follow the directions to join.

Kentucky Lake Trips

I am booking trips right now for Kentucky Lake as well as Lake Shelbyville for spring, summer and fall. Since my fishing shows have started the trips are flying out the door quickly.

I started guiding down on Kentucky Lake (Paris Landing) this past year and had great success. This year we are going to start out down there February 13th and stay on through March 3rd. I have to be back up in Illinois for my last fishing show or I would stay a little longer.

I want to be there when those really big fish are bunched up on the ledges and you get to catch them twenty-feet deep or more. This is when those wall mount crappie show up. We had an 18 black last winter and a 16 right before that fish.

I have my Yar-Craft 2095BTX all set up for this deep slow trolling that we do in the winter down there. We pull a pair of 1/4oz. Deep Ledge Jigs along the deep drops very slowly to enhance a reaction bite of a big crappie.

I am also booking trips for the fall season down on Kentucky. I will be there from September 14-28 and on this trip we are going to be spider rigging up on the tops of the ledges concentrating on numbers and big black crappie. My boat is set up to spider rig ten rods out the front of the boat for three of us to manage and we can flat catch a bunch of them out of the numerous stake beds that Kentucky Lake has to offer.

My website has an open date list for both lakes so feel free to reserve a day or two by going to or simply giving me a call at 217-762-7257 home or 217-840-1221 cell.