December Only Means It Is Show Season

By Steve Welch


The first weekend in January you will see me speaking at the Collinsville LetŐs Go Fishing Show and we have a booth to sell our line of fishing lures. We have a brand new power point presentation loaded with how to tips on fishing both Lake Shelbyville and Kentucky Lake another lake I am currently guiding on.

My partner Alan Corzine will be giving seminars on Lowrance electronics and this is the most in-depth presentation you will ever see so bring a note book or tape recorder.

This is the biggest show we do and we have tons of visitors that come out to see us and talk about fishing. This show is packed with crappie products and crappie speakers unlike any other show that we do. The show runs from January 2-4th and I am speaking on both Friday and Saturday the times arenŐt posted yet.

Then we are off to the Bloomington Fish and Feather Expo. It runs from January 23rd-25th. I will be giving seminars at this show all weekend and have a booth there as well. This is our best show as far as selling product and booking trips. We have been doing that show for many years and have a huge following.

Then on north from Bloomington to the Tinley Park Hunting and Fishing Show February 7th and 8th. This show is held in their high school to raise funds for the school and has become the largest vendor attended show in all of Illinois. With nearly 200 booths to choose from. We have a booth in the main gym and this show really packs in the people and we book a ton of guide trips from this show.

Then we are off to the Elmwood All Outdoors Show which is also put on at their high school to raise money for the school. This is one of our favorites since the entire community comes out and supports the show. We have a huge following there as well and always win the biggest attended seminar count. This little show also gets me a ton of guide trips and by the end that show and the others I do I will have four months of guide trips booked in advance.

I tell up and coming guides you cannot rely on just the internet and word of mouth to get enough guide trips. You have to go out and do the work during the winter months and approach new customers and the show circuit is where you do this at.

My website had over 53,000 visitors last year and it does get me plenty of guide trips. 99% of them from June through December come from my website but the early trips come from the fishing shows. I will have done 235 guide trips for 2015 my best year ever and like I said it takes many forms of advertising and re-peat business to become a full time guide and this year coming 2015 will mark my 21st year.

Clients are already booking trips for 2015 so if you have a date you want I would not wait until show season is done because like I said I will be booked until July by then. Just shoot me an e-mail and I will tell you what dates are open since they are not on my calendar on the website yet. www.LakeShelbyvilleGuide.Com.