Christmas Ideas For The Fisher Person In Your Life                                                             

By Steve Welch


Folks ask me all the time what should I get for my fisherman in my life or fisherwoman. My comment is easy. Chances are they have plenty of lures that you buy commercially but do they have specialty lures designed to help you when fishing in certain situations or on certain bodies of water.

Our line of Deep ledge Jigs are designed to fish over deep structure and will hang horizontally with its small hook that will bend easily so you can get them back when hung up. We make them in four weights but it is the heaviest 1/4oz. that we sell the most of. These jigs allow you to feel the brush and your bites and after you get over the idea that a tiny 1/16oz. jig is all that will catch crappie you are hooked pardon the pun.

For those that never fish any deeper than six-feet we have Deep Ledge jigs in other sizes such as 3/16, 1/8, and 3/32 and a whole line of jigs with spinners on them in all the weights listed above. These have really caught me some big fish. Our spinners unlike many other ones have the smallest willow leaf blade on them that you can get. All too often this is the problem with jigs and spinners the blade it too big.

For those hair jig enthusiasts we have a whole line of jigs we call Brush Bugs named after my granddaughter the Bug. They are designed to hold up while fishing deep and those pesky yellow bass keep hitting them like they do your jig and plastic and tear the skirt off your plastics. Plus big crappie love them since a friend of mine while recently down on Kentucky Lake caught a fat sixteen-inch white crappie. Crappie especially black crappie will switch their diets in the winter and eat more bug looking baits and this Brush Bug is very popular for those winter anglers.

We also have a line of lures designed to catch white bass and walleye but also work for crappie and they are our Candy Stripers and our in-line spinners. The Candy Stripers are very popular to catch just about anything that swims as we sell them to fish our spillway below Lake Shelbyville and to fish the many farm ponds throughout the Midwest.

We make them in three weights. The tiny 3/8oz. has been deadly for catching crappie and white bass under bridge pilings and for casting and letting it freefall just about anywhere. I use the 1/2oz. for vertical jigging on drops for white bass and just love the hard strike of a white bass as they will hammer it a half dozen times while it is falling back to the bottom. The big 5/8oz. we use to cast on flats probing for stumps where big walleye like to hide. You can throw it a mile and it digs in the bottom all the while the tail spinner just keeps turning. My personal best walleye on this lure was pushing nine pounds so I know it works.

We also have a whole line of instructional DVD’s that fisher people love to watch during those long winters.

A guide trip gift certificate is also a big seller for that fisher person in your life and we sell a ton of them and they can be used anytime they want by just bringing the gift certificate with them when they come.

We have an on-line store at my website www.LakeShelbyvilleGuide.Com and you can get any of these fine products from and mailed right to your house in time for Christmas.