Busting White Bass, This You Got To See

By Steve Welch


I get to guide on one of the best white bass lakes in the midwest. Lake Shelbyville an Army Corp flood lake that when we flood and have prolonged current due to the Corp dropping the lake. We get the best white bass fishing you will ever see. This is what we are looking at this year and I am geared up and ready.


Folks always ask me when is your run of white bass because they have been up to the Wolfe River. My answer is we donŐt have a run but rather five months of knock their socks of white bass fishing. We have no limit on these fish due to their ablility to over populate. On a good day two anglers and myself can catch five hundred before noon. I have to wear a glove on the hand that I take my fish off the hook due to handling thousands. My hands just get raw. I know what a problem to have. From June to September I clean over ten thousand white bass and still canŐt put a dent in them.


It starts in June with our first of many shad hatches. The whites will push them to the surface and attack them like a school of piranha. This is very cool to see and even better to be smack dab in the middle of it. White bass everyhwere and anything you throw at them they attack it. I like my knew in-line spinner or my Candystriper. I think a bait with a blade just catches bigger whites and I know they hit it so hard you about bust your arm.


Since they are on top you want your bait up on top so my in-line spinner is perfect and my Candystriper can be kept high in the water coloumn as well by speeding it up.


We get to chase birds busting on shad because whites are pushing them to the surface for the whole month of June and half the month of July. Then warm water pushes them to the ledges and deep-water comfort. This is where they will remain for last half of July all of August and most of September. Still very catch- able you just need to know where they live.


This is when my side-imaging on my ten-inch Lowrance is priceless. I can side scan a drop off and pinpoint exactly where a school of white bass are hiding. Then I can drop a waypoint on them go back over them. I then move to my trolling motor and my front depthfinder has the new waypoint on it since all my depthfinders are networked. I then check them with my down imaging just to make sure and drop a marker buoy while driving over them. The down imaging shows white bass as white balls and with in these schools you will see zig zag lines. White bass canŐt stay still and you will see fish darting around and they make the lines.


I love this style of white bass fishing mostly because few can find them this time of the year and these schools are mine and they will remain in the same general areas. Boat placement is critical and this is where most anglers donŐt pay attention. I like to place my boat up on top of a point or ledge and cast down the drop.


My bait of choice is my Candystriper only this time we are fishing it differently. I fish my 1/2oz. model and cast it out and let it go to the bottom. Then I rip it off bottom about six-foot and let it freefall back. The tail spinner blade will spin as it falls back and the white bass will hammer it ten times before it hits bottom. If they donŐt reel up your slack and do it again. Eventually you will run into them as you come up the drop-off.


My summer dates are still wide open for this the best white bass fishing action you will ever see and my lures are on my on-line store as well in the locations listed on my website. So check them out and get yourself a guide trip.